Everlasting Hair Beauty   & Aesthetics

Welcome to Everlasting Hair Beauty and Aesthetics, where customer satisfaction is our number one prority. We know how important it is for you to feel at your best, how looking good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside, that is why we like to provide professional services in a calm, relaxing environment.

Whether you have a special occasion in mind or you need a full day of escape, pampering and relaxation to unwind we aim to produce the results you want. 

Products. We are passionate about the products we use, we research in to product ingredients, advanced techniques and training, as a result we can help you to achieve your goals what ever they may be. T

The Team, Since moving in to our own  fully renovated salon in Heaton, I am pleased to confirm that we now have 3 amazing stylists working with us who between them have over 35 years of experience. We also have a specalist makeup artist who works with us so together with our fully qualified beauty & aesthetics practioner, we make a perfect team that can provide a wide range of treatments .

  1. Intraline’s Dermal Fillers have been developed utilizing the finest ingredients and specifically formulated at a molecular level to provide the smoothest, most natural results.
  2. Decleor products use the finest quality Essential Oils and cutting-edge research. Their blissful, beauty enhancing massage techniques and comprehensive range of potent formulations work in perfect harmony to produce immediate and outstanding results for every skin type.
  3. Azzalure is a local muscle relaxant adapted from the botulinum toxin type-A of Dysport and is specifically designed for use in aesthetic indications. Azzalure is indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adult patients under 65 years, when the severity of these lines has an important psychological